Different eyeglass frame materials greatly expand your options for a new look.

While shopping for new eyeglasses, ask our product specialist for advice about variety in colors, durability, materials and quotation.

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We know that inspiration channeled through expertise leads to success.

We're creative.

QW Group has been creating, manufacturing and distributing optical frames and sunglasses for brands in the forefront for almost 20 years. Quick Wonder functions with a steadfast team of 600 individuals, head office is located in Hangzhou, with branches in Wenzhou and Jiangxi, our business is operating all over the world.

Our business culture is defined by innovation and continuous commitment to improve customer satisfaction. We operate in a market that is constantly evolving, and we ensure that our services will continue to accommodate the needs of our customers. To help our consumers around the world to achieve a better vision with quality glasses, leading our consumers to a brand-new lifestyle is our vision. Our mission is customer first, team collaboration, embrace change, and remain mindful. To look into the future, we seek new methods every day to improve our production by creating new ways to increase production capacity, integrate resources, technical innovation and brand distribution, putting efforts on become the leading company in this industry.

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Benefits For Your Business

Design & Innovation

How do you break the mold, or even better, move beyond the mold to something totally new and breakthrough?

When we approach a new design, every known production technique is considered including injection molding, high-end metal manufacturing and handmade zyl (acetate) production.

And when that’s not enough, we push the industry forward with new patented and patent-pending technologies exclusive to QW. Our long history of innovation has allowed us to lead this industry and separate us from the followers.


The whole manufacturing process is done in-house at our factory.QW control the entirety of the manufacturing process of acetate eyeglass and sunglasses.

The whole operation is done on our production site. It is the only way to control the quality and meet the delivery. We are also able to guarantee our clients the level of confidentiality they wish to have.


Design Process


We look at fashion, architecture, design and we start producing ideas.

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QW Group design team that drafts various possible models and then elaborates a final sketch in line with the brand’s style and visual language.

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After making the sketch, the prototyping phase begins.

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The final production phase is always the finishing one with highly experienced artisans in the insertion of details work side by side

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Our business goals are to offer the best services at the most reasonable cost, and to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial and profitable to both parties.
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Choose QW?

At all times we will provide an efficient, friendly and helpful service to all our customers. Our dedicated, well-trained staff are committed to listening to our customers' suggestions as we strive to exceed expectations.
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Quick Wonder

Every pair of glasses has a story of unique style made up of many chapters. A story in which the so many different professionals are protagonists who meet one another with their expertise: the licensors, the QW Group designers, the materials research section and the technical and prototype development department.
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