Face Shape Guide - Oval Faces: The Best Frames for Your Face

Jun. 15, 2023

Face Shape Guide - Oval Faces: The Best Frames for Your Face

If you have ever shopped for eyeglasses, you must know that not all frames suit your face. The reason is, your face shape kind of determines the kind of fame that will look good on you. The frame that will suit a person with a square face will not suit another person with an oval face, because their bone structure and proportions are very different.

When you find the right frame, you just know it to be right. But going through the trouble of trying on a dozen frames can be a hassle. This is why it is best to know your face shapes and the kind of frames you should be trying on while shopping. It will save a ton of time and make the frame-finding process a lot easier.

   How do Oval Shaped Faces Look? 

Oval shaped faces have the shape of an egg. The faces are slightly elongated. The widest part of these faces is their cheekbones. The portion of the forehead and the chin are narrower. The sides of the faces are rounded. Overall, these people are pleasant looking with no sharp edges on their faces.

Many makeup artists think that oval shape is the most beautiful face shape. People who have oval-shaped faces have a softer look on them.

Celebrities with Oval Shape

If you still aren’t sure about what an oval face looks like, then have a look at the faces of these celebrities with oval face shape:

· Beyoncé
· Charlize Theron
· Cindy Crawford
· The Zac Efron.
· Cristiano Ronaldo.
· Rihanna
· Tyra banks
· George Clooney
· Uma Thurman
· Lisa Kudrow
· Tom Hardy

Oval faced people are lucky. They have more options for frames than any other face shape. In fact, most of the frames you try on will very likely suit you.

Best Frames for Oval Face

Although most frames will suit you, but this does not necessarily mean that you can out on any frame blindly. You have a narrow forehead and chin. You should pick frames that emphasize your strong point and deviates people's attention from the weak points on your face.

On the plus side, you have a very lovely face shape. But, oval-shaped faces do not have any sharp edges. Hence, you can try on frames that are a little edgy. Your frame should add angles to your face and bring a little more variety, making your face more balanced and interesting to look at. 


The frame shapes you should be trying on are: 

· Square frame: This is best for people with thinner cheeks. Square frames tend to add a certain bulk to your look, so if you have a lot of flesh on your cheek, then these might not look the best.
· Rectangular frames: This shape will suit all people with oval-shaped faces. If you want one sure-shot frame that will look terrific on you, then the rectangular frame is that choice.
· Geometric Frames: If you want to stand out in the crowd and add an interesting touch to your personality, unique geometric frames will look good on you too. 


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