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    QC Tailored for the Eyewear Industry

    Eyewear is a broad category that includes everything from spectacles to performance eye protectors. Depending on the type and intended purpose, different quality standards may apply to different eyewear, but durability and product safety remain important considerations across the board.

    We provide a two-tier process for quality assurance of your eyewear. Product Inspections in the factory are used to check your product’s performance characteristics, while Lab subjects frames and lenses to a variety of mechanical and optical tests.



    We’re creative. We’re innovators that understand that form follows function, but the form has to be absolutely breathtaking.

    Our team has chops. More than mere talent, they’re passionate, driven and inspired by athleticism, by fashion and by our culture. We know that inspiration channeled through expertise leads to success.


    How do you break the mold, or even better, move beyond the mold to something totally new and breakthrough? When we approach a new design, every known production technique is considered including injection molding, high-end metal manufacturing and handmade zyl (acetate) production. And when that’s not enough.

    From the day we were founded it has been our mission to craft the kind of eyewear that stands out from the pack. We work with leading fashion to constantly push the envelope through distinct designs, innovative materials and clever combinations.

    Custom Design

    QW is a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses made in-house through a series of meticulous processes with handmade skills.

    We produce eyewear as per your design preferences, your choices and taste. Our design department develop prototype eyewear as per your idea in not more than 4 weeks. We do provide a wide choice of frame design, temples, hinges, rhinestone and acetate plate colours.

    Frame Components

    At QW we’re passionate about optical frame. And it shows. You can see the attention to detail we give every one of our frames. Designed in house and alongside key partners, we offer an interesting and broad selection of classic, sporty and fashion-forward frames that are highly technical and one-of-a-kind.

    Our award-winning frames offer superior comfort, adjustability, and most importantly, quality.

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