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    Are Glasses Better Than Contacts?

    Protection of eyes is always the first step that you consider in health regime. Caring for vision and sight will decrease the chances of any kind of eye-related issues in future years to come. A strong defense should be built when it comes to caring for retina, cornea, eye lids and eye lashes. Are glasses better than contacts, this debate is prolonged since years.According to our personal opinion it is matter of choice, lifestyle factors and other elements. In order to highlight the best of both and why they are being so famous, here is some note worthy key points of eye glasses and contact that will help you to buy better:-What are benefits of glasses?1)Incase if you have any kind of infection or problems associated with dry eyes and not able to wear contact lenses, then dry eyes would be of great help.2)When you have worn the glasses you may feel a lesser need of touching your eyes again and again.3)Glasses for prolonged period of time will help protecting eyes from wind or dust.4)Glasses don’t block the oxygen levels of eyes even when worn for longer period of time, thus glasses reduce the risk of dry eyes.5) Glasses are cheaper then contacts because at time intervals you don’t need to replace, you can wear them as many times you want.6)In glasses too there is availability of cute designs or versatile styles.What are the advantages of contact lenses?If you have in mind to attend any kind of high profile weddings, important meet or function its contact lens that gives you higher amount of confidence.During exercise or any activity, the good contact lens doesn’t slip down from the face and doesn’t cause any kind of sweating on eyes.According to the needs and occasion, the wearer always gets an option of choosing from various color lenses.Contacts are boon for people who cannot afford to do the laser surgery for correct vision.Unlike glasses, in contacts there are no gaps and thus fits perfectly to eyes thus increases the chances of peripheral vision.Contacts are the most suitable thing even for the athletes as they can just play on without worrying on it getting broken while playing.At what age contact lens should be worn?As long as all the guidelines like disinfecting and replacing contacts are followed. You should also learn and adapt the right way of wearing contacts. How to determine and bring in the right pair of contacts?You will need to mention your eye-specialist whether you want to wear your contacts on daily basis or occasional basis. If there is any specific requirement of colored or contacts that you need to have in favorite contacts. Please mention eye specialist whether you want switch on for hard contacts or softer contacts according to the longevity of wearing. Whether it is eye glasses or contacts, the professional eye specialists will first suggest you do eye examinations and according to the need, the right product can be created for eyes.
    2020-09-24 13:52:06
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    Face Shape Guide - Oval Faces: The Best Frames for Your Face

    If you have ever shopped for eyeglasses, you must know that not all frames suit your face. The reason is, your face shape kind of determines the kind of fame that will look good on you. The frame that will suit a person with a square face will not suit another person with an oval face, because their bone structure and proportions are very different. When you find the right frame, you just know it to be right. But going through the trouble of trying on a dozen frames can be a hassle. This is why it is best to know your face shapes and the kind of frames you should be trying on while shopping. It will save a ton of time and make the frame-finding process a lot easier. How do Oval Shaped Faces Look? Oval shaped faces have the shape of an egg. The faces are slightly elongated. The widest part of these faces is their cheekbones. The portion of the forehead and the chin are narrower. The sides of the faces are rounded. Overall, these people are pleasant looking with no sharp edges on their faces. Many makeup artists think that oval shape is the most beautiful face shape. People who have oval-shaped faces have a softer look on them. Celebrities with Oval ShapeIf you still aren’t sure about what an oval face looks like, then have a look at the faces of these celebrities with oval face shape: · Beyoncé· Charlize Theron· Cindy Crawford· The Zac Efron.· Cristiano Ronaldo.· Rihanna· Tyra banks· George Clooney· Uma Thurman· Lisa Kudrow· Tom HardyOval faced people are lucky. They have more options for frames than any other face shape. In fact, most of the frames you try on will very likely suit you.Best Frames for Oval FaceAlthough most frames will suit you, but this does not necessarily mean that you can out on any frame blindly. You have a narrow forehead and chin. You should pick frames that emphasize your strong point and deviates people's attention from the weak points on your face. On the plus side, you have a very lovely face shape. But, oval-shaped faces do not have any sharp edges. Hence, you can try on frames that are a little edgy. Your frame should add angles to your face and bring a little more variety, making your face more balanced and interesting to look at. The frame shapes you should be trying on are: · Square frame: This is best for people with thinner cheeks. Square frames tend to add a certain bulk to your look, so if you have a lot of flesh on your cheek, then these might not look the best. · Rectangular frames: This shape will suit all people with oval-shaped faces. If you want one sure-shot frame that will look terrific on you, then the rectangular frame is that choice. · Geometric Frames: If you want to stand out in the crowd and add an interesting touch to your personality, unique geometric frames will look good on you too. 
    2020-07-03 10:23:17
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    Anti-Reflective Coating, Eliminate Glare on Eyeglass Lenses

    Many of you who wear glasses might think, why should anyone go for anti-reflective coating because they cost more? But ones who are benefited from the anti-reflective coating can tell you what a relief they provide to the eyes. Anti-reflective glasses have a special coating called 'AR coating' or anti-glare coating. This thin coating allows you to see properly, even under the sun, and reduces the effects of glare on your eyes. Who Needs Anti-Reflective Coating? Frankly speaking, all of you who wear glasses will benefit from adding an AR coating to it. But there are certain people for whom anti-reflective coating is a must. · People who sit at their desks and work on computers for prolonged hours should get the anti-reflective coating to make things go easy on their eyes. · People who are driving are in serious need of anti-reflective glasses because the sun and the headlights from other cars can be glaring to the eyes. · If you work bright sunlight for a considerable part of the day, then you need anti-reflective coating glasses. Benefits of Anti-Reflective CoatingMany of you who still doubt how good anti-reflective coating can be for your eyes, this list of the benefits of anti-reflective coating is for you. · As the light reflections, as glares are removed by the AR-coated glasses, the vision becomes sharper. · With AR-coating glasses, you will not have to squint much due to the glare. It will put a lot less stress on your eyes. · People who work on computers will have less strain on the eyes. With more comfort to the eyes, you will be in a position to be more productive at your work. Also, you will not have to take frequent breaks to reduce stains on your eyes. · Anti-glare glasses look trendier. As it reduces the reflections on the glasses, you will be able to make more eye-contacts with people. This is something of immense importance in the professional field. · You will look better in photos. As reflections don't show up on your eyes, you will look much sharper when someone clicks your picture. Also, you won't feel the necessity to take off your glasses every time you want to click pictures. Your eyes will appear clear even when you are wearing glasses. · 99.5% of the light reaches your eyes through the anti-glare glasses. This minimizes the chances of any visual distortions. You will have a clearer and way sharper vison with AR-coated glasses. · Anti-reflective coatings are not the same as they were a decade back. They have improved a lot. You can get these coatings that are made keeping in mind your specific needs. Note: You should know that the anti-reflective coating and scratch-coating are different. These coatings will not prevent scratching. They just reduce glare, comforts your eyes, and make vision sharper. In fact, anti-reflective coatings are rather soft and might scratch easily. ConclusionIf you wear glasses, you should opt for AR-coating. It is good for your eyes in more than one way. Also, people who work on computers for prolonged time should wear glasses with anti-reflective coating even if they don't wear prescription lenses. 
    2020-07-03 10:22:41
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    Benefits of UV Protection in Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

    Many times we do face eye-related issues, sometimes minor or extremely major. Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive in our system. Even if a little bit of dust irritates us, our eyes feel hurt. We do apply sunscreen but ever have you given a thought about our eyes?Several eye-specialists suggest there should be a checkup done after two years. It is important to understand to maintain good eye you should eat food that contains antioxidants, don’t smoke and where eye protection whenever out. Eye issues could develop slowly and gradually, but prolonging problems could cause loss of eyesight.How one could spot on the eye-related issues?1) Squinting many times2) Difficulty in driving due to glare or low sun3) Regular headaches.4) Small print reading difficulty.What are the benefits of eyeglasses? The technology infused in eyeglasses is known to strengthen the site. If the weather is too sunny, foggy or rainy then prescribed eyeglasses offers clears the vision.Overexposure of UV rays causes various diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, damage to cornea and lens. Prescribed eyewear is just like to shield to eyes. Even while playing sports, suitable eyewear can protect our eyes. The main rays that reach us from Sun are UVA and UVB. The first one can cause cataract and second one sunburn and cancer. Just like adults, it is equally important for kids. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause damage to retina.The good sunglasses or prescribed eyewear can customize as per your requirement. Even in cases like Hypermetropia or Myopia the eyeglasses could be of great help. It is a must to check for UV coated glasses. If a patient suffering from sensitive light then UV coated glasses are perfect.How do I choose the best sunglasses for eyes?If you want to block out major UV rays then go for sunglasses that refer too “UV400” you can even go for CE models. This style of sunglasses is available in a variety of models. The best colors in the sunglasses are bronze, copper and reddish-brown. It is important to understand that there are two broad classifications like polarization and UV sunglasses. Usually, polarization works wonders in bright sun and reduces glare in skin whereas sunglasses are perfect to protect UV rays. Sunglasses could be your ultimate fashion statement. You can get them in wayfarers, aviators, hexagon-shaped, round-shaped and square-shaped sunglasses.UV protected eyewear solution is best key to guard your beautiful eyes. When it comes to good health, it’s always first to protect good eyes. It is important to pay attention to eyes, note family history, avoid exposure of blue light envisions. When it comes to regular maintenance of eyes it is must that you drink lot of eyes. Not just UV rays, eyes can be affected by using technology. Ensure that eyewear is worn while using digital devices.
    2020-07-03 10:34:34
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